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Austin Arianoutsos

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Welcome to my page I am Austin Arianoutsos Young Living Member and Owner of YangRising Health & Wellness Clinic. 

I have been using Young Living since December 2018 this was the best decision of my life. Not only is it perfect for my clinic but it helps support my own health & wellness.

I use YL massage oils everyday in the clinic, along with valor, wintergreen and peppermint. I love diffusing calming scents to get my clients into a relaxed state and ready for their massage.

We work on balancing and supporting the body, mind and spirit to bring you into a healing state.

I love Ningxia Red in the morning, 2oz with a little bit of water and red shot.  It tastes amazing and is superb for the human body and all of its organ systems.

 I look forward to helping as many people as possible along their journey to health & wellness.